11 Most Fun Things To Do In Dubai This Week
Apr 23
11 Most Fun Things To Do In Dubai This Week

11 Most Fun Things To Do In Dubai This Week


Dubai is a city known for its endless entertainment, whether it’s shopping till you drop or hitting the nearest beach resort with your best pals. It is a great tourist destination for both people and families. It is the place where you can experience a cultural desert safari and tan your body in the sun at the same time.

Dubai is the land of wonders and adventure. There is so much to do in this futuristic city that it is hard for you to take it all in at once. The city has a lot of exciting places to visit. You can experience various shows filled with adventure and entertainment. Some of the most fun things in Dubai are shopping, skydiving, Ferrari world, watching dolphins, visiting museums, beaches, and many more.

Dubai is one of those cities where anything goes! Have a trip to Dubai and find memorable things to do AND enjoy. Here are 11 of the most fun things to do in Dubai this week. You can plan your tour with Mala Tourism who can help you in making easy.

Thanks to the fast development and recent architectural boom, Dubai has been growing so fast that there are too many highlights to be listed in just a simple guide. This opinionated list will show you just a few things we believe make this meta-company on the planet happy and memorable.

1.     See Dubai’s famous cityscape

See Dubai’s famous cityscape with the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Infinity Pool. Offered with Partial or Panoramic views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, this fantastic apartment is designed to create a sense of luxury and relaxation in a natural and comfortable environment. The Infinity edge pool features three shallow basins, vast glass windows, and a spacious terrace for residents to enjoy their open-air surrounds. A large infinity balcony offers residents a beautiful view from beyond the pool. The ambiance is provided by the Infinity Pool floor lamps, while an illuminated glass lighting grid above represents the sky at night.

2.     Explore a complete ecosystem

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is the first of its kind in the region and the largest aquarium in the Middle East, with over 500 species and 30,000 marine creatures.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo invites you to dive into a spectacular underwater world of surreal landscapes and colorful marine life. Experience the astonishingly clear views, incredible creatures, and various dolphins up close. Get up-close with stingrays, piranhas, and other fish as they swim over your head in stunning 55-foot viewing tubes.

3.     Discover the beauty of Dubai’s oldest settlement

Al Fahidi Historical District, with a professional guide and small group. Take a step back in time as you wander through this traditional area and view some of the modern new buildings built over (re-using materials from the original historical buildings). You will see places that only locals know, including the Heritage Museum, Dubai Clock Tower, Haji Ali Mosque, etc. Al Fahidi Historical is home to many mosques, beautifully decorated houses, and silver shops.

Read about the history of Al Fahidi Quarter, the oldest part of Dubai. Stroll along the winding alleyways and around historic buildings and learn the stories behind this ancient city.

4.     Shop from the incredible spectacle

Ski Dubai at the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East. It has become an icon for high-quality entertainment. On the ground floor of MOE lies the Ski then Shop destination, an ideal stop en route for skiers/snowboarders to change into their street clothes before heading off to refuel. The destination houses more than 50 local and international brands, including a milk tea cafe and a large retail space for kids. The Ski then Shop destination is open daily until midnight.

During the Dubai winter season, it is possible to ski indoors on an artificial snow-covered mountain at the Mall of the Emirates. The indoor ski experience offers an impressive overall height; a high capacity of gondolas that transport riders up the slope through snowy mountain scenery.

5.     Get eye-catching view

The Gulf Frame, also known as Dubai Frame, is a 150-meter (492-foot) high arch that has been erected in the shape of an old gramophone. Dubai’s newest attraction is a giant picture frame for photographers, made up of 11 vertical columns currently playing host to the “world’s largest picture.” This new landmark is being marked with a public art project called “Embrace,” made up of 300 colorful lights that play along with a piece of music called “Gifts from the Sea.”

Conquer your fear of heights and step out from the observation deck of the Dubai Frame. Get your friends together for a group photo in front of stunning city views.

6.     Enjoy beachside fun

Enjoy beachside fun without the hassle of sand with a kite! Fly your kite with ease on Kite Beach, an ideal spot for beginners and advanced flyers. After the wind dies down at Kite Beach, head to Umm Suqeim Beach – the only designated spot in Dubai for kitesurfing and landboarding. The moderate winds make it a great place to learn these exciting water sports! If you’re staying longer, consider a beach canopy or beach tent for shade.

Kite Beach is a popular kitesurfing location, while Umm Suqeim Beach is great for sun-worshippers and swimming. Thrill-seekers can challenge the elements at Kite Beach and Umm Suqeim Beach, where they’ll find ideal conditions for flying kites and paddleboards.

7.     Research the Dubai Creek

Dubai’s best-kept secret is set for a revival in the form of Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek is a natural body of water that empties into the Persian Gulf and separates Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Explore Dubai Creek on a day trip from Dubai with Circle Tours.

Take a ride through the creek on Dghayabiyya sailboats, visit clusters of floating markets and watch dhows and water taxis carve their way through the creek. The Creek area has also been home to the city’s gateway to India, the Deira souq, since the early days of Dubai and is now home to several museums and galleries.

8.     Explore Dubai’s best markets

Dubai has always been a meeting place for people from different corners of the world, and Deira is always an interesting place to be. Many of the city’s souks can be found here, each retaining its distinct look and atmosphere, heightened during the weekend bazaar on the streets. These are great places to haggle for fabric or souvenirs or to people-watch and experience Dubai’s unique culture for yourself.

The souks are brimming with beautiful wares, and haggling is required to get the best price. Men and women dressed in traditional attire walk around with tea and coffee in hand as they chat, seemingly oblivious to time. If they see someone they know, they will say hello and pour a cup of tea or coffee for them without asking. Caution is needed as the streets can get crowded. Make sure you look before you step out into the streets.

9.     Visit Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Dubai’s mosques and was built in the traditional Qatari pattern. This mosque is built on a small island in the middle of Dubai’s largest lake and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Dubai’s mosques. It is an excellent example of Islamic architecture and has significant spiritual importance to the city. Open 24 hours daily, non-Muslims can only visit during prayer times.

In the courtyard, fountains decorate the water channels that divide the mosque into a central part, an outer part, and a sahn in front of the portal. The portal itself is made of white marble and carved with Koranic verses. The roof of the mosque is covered with turquoise ceramic tiles. These are also used on some walls and mixed with gilded calligraphy inside arched niches.

10.  Plan Days Out at Dubai Parks and Resorts

At Dubai Parks and Resorts, you’ll find a family vacation destination with something for everyone. We have attractions that keep everyone smiling, from mega water slides to 3-story family drop rides to log flume adventure. Whether it’s a short trip or one that lasts the whole weekend, you can make lasting memories here.

Plan family time at Dubai Parks and Resorts. You can introduce your family to the magic of Disney and Warner Bros. Enjoy an extra dose of fun with unlimited access to all four theme parks for a whole day — kids’ clubs, shopping, and dining outlets included.

11.  Dine at the Dubai marina yacht

Megayacht dinner Dubai marina is the best way to enjoy a day in Dubai. If you are looking for any fun kind of activity in Dubai which will give you an unforgettable experience and unforgettable memories, get on one of our yachts at the marina. Dine and enjoy spectacular sunsets from your private suite as you travel across the marina.

Discover the best activities to do on the Dhow cruise Dubai trip. This famous coastline is a trendy destination for residents and tourists; it has a wide range of activities to ensure everyone is entertained. Whether you want to lounge on board the yacht, enjoy a sunset cruise or visit the beautiful beaches, you will find all that you expect on the coast of Dubai.

Onboard yacht rental Dubai Marina company can help you all of the locations close to the world’s superyachts.

Dubai is the city of superlatives and the fastest growing tourism and trade hub in the Middle East. When you visit Dubai, you’ll enjoy the best of everything – from miles of golden beaches, mega yacht dinners, dune buggy to  world-renowned restaurants and hotels to multi-million dollar resorts that are a destination in themselves. There’s plenty of family-friendly fun to be had in Dubai, and You could spend years here and still not cover all of the amazing activities.

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