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Yacht Rental Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, an emerging world city and the shining jewel of UAE, where gorgeous beaches meet a bustling metropolis. An excursion to this city and you know exactly what we are talking about when we say that the city’s culture is shaped by its sea. The turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea enrich Abu Dhabi both in spirit and facilities, our yacht cruise of Yacht Rental Abu Dhabi being the perfect fusion of both! The tranquil waters of UAE and fascinating views of Jumeirah and the Palm under the glorious Arabian sun, now that is peaceful! Our luxury lotus yacht does complete justice to the incredible scenes of Abu Dhabi.

Get on a Yacht to celebrate your next event like birthday party, wedding, cooperate event, conference. Boat hire Abu Dhabi ensures a luxurious event and adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. While floating in sea enjoy five-star service by Easy Yacht crew; that are trained to cater to your requirements. Enjoy from a variety of delicious cuisine and delicacies along with complimentary beverages and relax at luxury yacht rental ensures you highest level of hospitality standards.



  • Luxury Yacht
  • Length: 58 Ft
  • Maximum Capacity: 15 Guests

Azimut 58 evolution is specifically designed with an excellent sea-handling capability and can accommodate up to 15 guests. It is one of the best lulu boat out there featuring an exceptional atmosphere and elegance. It is not only practical but also beautiful and functional. Get on board for a relaxinf ride in Abu Dhabi and embark on an unforgettable cruising experience on this luxury Boat rental Abu Dhabi.



  • AL Boom Yacht
  • Length: 85Ft/29,8m
  • Maximum Capacity: 50 Guests

This impressive yacht features luxury and unlimited entertainment amenities for an ideal atmosphere for your social activities. It can accommodate up to 50 guests which is it is perfect for Abu Dhabi parties and events. Yacht charter Abu Dhabi carries elegant furnishings, seating and styling which makes it an ideal yacht for every purpose and is surely set to give you an experience to remember for lifetime



Hi boat 40 is an excellent yacht to enjoy the day in a unique and luxurious way. This unique boat is specifically designed for the purpose of fishing. It combines superior power, innovative styling and hull design. It also has all kinds of modern fishing equipment for a complete experience with full safety and security. You can prey on a variety of fish with this one and make many memories. In Yacht rental Abu Dhabi Fleet this boat has amazing feature for small group trips.

50ft Yacht


  • Cost -800AED to 900AED
  • Capacity -10pax
  • length – 50ft

Introducing the all-new 50ft Yacht, a sleek and compact vessel designed to provide an unforgettable experience. With its spacious layout, this yacht can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests. Perfect for both cruising and fishing, it offers a blend of luxury and excitement. From its stylish design to its array of entertainment options, the 50ft Yacht promises a complete package of pleasure and fun for everyone on board. Experience the ultimate in luxury and entertainment with this exceptional watercraft.

70ft House Boat


  • Cost -1300AED to 1500AED
  • Length: 70Ft
  • Maximum Capacity: 40Pax

Introducing the all-new 70ft house boat, an incredible vessel crafted for unforgettable journeys. With its spacious design, this house boat can comfortably accommodate up to 40 guests. From its expansive deck, you can soak in breathtaking views, while ample interior space allows for leisurely strolls. The 70ft house boat offers unparalleled versatility, bespoke services, and an array of entertainment options. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply quality time with loved ones, this house boat promises an exceptional experience.



This incredible water vessel features all the modern facilities to ensure complete security, fun and entertainment. It will surely make your cruising experience an unforgettable one. It is purposely designed for conducting recreational activities. This stunning boat is set to give you great memories and allows you to spend some quality time in the calmness of the water. It features a super sleek design and is meticulously engineered to perfection, combining style and luxury.



  • Length: 36Ft
  • Maximum Capacity: 22 Guests

Get on board this incredible boat which is perfect for enjoying the beautiful views of Abu Dhabi and marveling at its developments. It combines modernity, functionality and style as well as incomparable luxury. It features innovative style, great services and proven quality. Carefully engineered to perfection, it has a great water handling capability as well as incredible ambiance. This beautiful yacht is all you need for a wonderful ride.

ZAYA House boat


  • 2500 AED/hour
  • Length: 70Ft
  • Maximum Capacity: 25 Pax

Discover luxury aboard our 70ft House Boat in Abu Dhabi. This modern vessel combines style, functionality, and comfort for an unforgettable experience. With top-notch amenities and a capacity for 25 passengers, it promises a smooth ride and impeccable service. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi in ultimate sophistication and elegance.

Abu Dhabi Yacht Rental

From the limelight’s and party scene of Abu Dhabi to an even more glamorous affair in the middle of the sea! Throw killer parties at our Abu Dhabi Yacht Rental away from the chaotic life of the city. From formal dinner parties to pool and rave parties, choose your desired theme and rock the cruise! Our top-notch and flexible services are designed to help you throw the party of your dreams! Want five-star level delicacies? Or a DJ set? We have everything that you demand. Why choose any other place to party when you not only have the privacy of a Abu Dhabi yacht in the middle of the sea and the incredible services we provide! Indulge in the luxury and experience entertainment unlike you have ever witnessed!

Range Of Yachts

Choose from our diverse range of yachts and cruise tours according to your need and budget. From varying sizes to different facilities upon each yacht, our Yacht rental services remains constantly satisfying. Organize a romantic dinner for two or a movie launch, we will cater to all your needs according to your choice of yacht.

A Luxurious Affair

Let us treat you whilst you enjoy the scenic views of Abu Dhabi’s skyscrapers as you swim along Corniche. We are committed to providing you with the best services to ensure your comfort and convince. You deserve to be spoiled and we are dedicated to creating a luxurious environment for you.


Our Yacht Rental Abu Dhabi is a prime opportunity for you to escape the pressures of daily routine and leave the chaos of cities behind whilst you float in the middle of the deep blue ocean on our luxurious yachts. From organizing family lunches and corporate events to glamorous dinners and exciting parties, our cruise trip has something for everyone! Our lavish tour provides you with a unique opportunity to relax with five-star services, delicious cuisine and complimentary beverages all the while the sea wind brushes through your hair.

The yacht tour will cover famous attractions along the coast of Abu Dhabi such as Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi Famous corniche, Fisherman harbor, Al Bahrani Island, Saadiyaat Island, Lulu Island, Al Maya Island among many others where you can enjoy a variety of recreational activities the likes of water sports and beach parties. Our unmatched commitment and a history of acclaimed yacht services ensure that this trip will be the happiest of your life. Setting off from shores of Abu Dhabi, cursing around the beautiful surrounding islands and spending your vacation with the open sky above you and miles of sea beneath you, it doesn’t get any better than this!

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