Reasons for booking a yacht in Dubai
Sep 2
Reasons for booking a yacht in Dubai

Reasons for booking a yacht in Dubai

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Dubai is the city of dreams, as well as a perfect weekend gateway to spend quality time with your family. No one can deny the exciting experiences and attractions offered by this city. Spending a day or two in this multicultural and fascinating city could become a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. Travelers, tourists, and local residents looking for short breaks to relax. One of the best methods of relaxing is partying on a yacht.

Dubai is filled with opulence and there are countless places of tourist interest.  However, that experience can be worth in the middle of the Arabian Gulf’s crystal blue seas on a yacht. It’ll be one of the most exciting activities in Dubai. Yacht charter Dubai allows you to explore the breathtaking view of Dubai, son waves in the pristine water. Whatever the situation is, there are a million reasons to enjoy Dubai life. Let’s discuss some of the significant reasons why booking a yacht in Dubai is an ideal choice.

Get the Utmost Privacy 

Being in a crowded place among strangers is not easy for everyone, especially when you are with your family and there’s a need to spend exclusive time with them.  If you are concerned regarding your privacy on a leisure trip, then a yacht charter is a great choice. Enjoy your trip and rejuvenate yourself. Avoid all those crowded places. One of the significant perks is, that you will be able to watch all the important tourist destinations while sailing without even stopping.

Make Family Bonding 

Family matters a lot. In your busiest routine, you might be missing time with your family. In Dubai, there’s nothing better option than to go for a yacht charter Dubai. You can do whatever you have missed. Laugh out loud and make unforgettable memories, do plenty of fun things, and indulge in some water sports such as diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Have delicious food on a yacht together in the middle of the sea. Celebrate special occasions on the yacht and make every moment worthy.

Convenience at its peak

There’s nothing more convenient than a customized service. Yes, we’re talking about yacht rental customization. The professionals can customize everything according to your needs. You are the boss and you have complete right from mouth-watering food to adventurous water sports. Being one of the best yacht rental companies in Dubai, we ensure that your entire experience gives a completely different Dubai look beyond what you have ever seen. Sit back and relax and admire the beauty of blue waters with the mesmerizing surroundings.

The Element of Fun

One of the significant highlights of a yacht trip in Dubai is flexibility. It can easily be the way you are looking for. If you are looking for unlimited fun, you will get it for sure. Yacht rental trips allow you to enjoy numerous interesting activities such as deep-sea fishing to test your luck. As there is the availability of a full-equipped kitchen on the yacht, means you can cook the fish and serve it hot.

Along with this, you can watch any of your favorite programs in the home theatre. Spice up the day with a DJ program and groove to rocking music and just unwind from the stress.

Certainly, you will have a great time on the yacht. Invite the element of fun and let the stress of life fade away. Enjoying glorious Dubai sunshine while sitting on the deck of a yacht is such a special feeling.

Some Adventurous Activities

Who said Dubai is dry and limited in terms of adventure? In reality, the exotic and vibrant city offer number of amazing activities giving you immense pleasure.  Dubai is the most enjoyable city while with family. However, renting a yacht allows you to indulge in various adventure activities with your children. We are aware that sailing gives your kids a better sense of adventure helping them in building confidence and skills.

Enjoy the peace of mind

Book a yacht in Dubai and escape the hustle and bustle of this city. Dubai is packed with countless tourists all the year around; allow you enjoy some best moments of comfort on the deck of the yacht. You’ll discover the magnificence and real beauty of Dubai, and see the landmarks from a different angle. Enjoying the glowing skyline during the sunset is such a unique experience.

Yachting is Good for Health 

A trip on a yacht in Dubai can bring out a healthy you in you. The healing potential of seawater is tremendous as well as helps in healing the human body, mind and spirit. Everyone in the family including kids can experience the power of well-being. However, activities included in the yacht charter trip need sharp reflexes, endurance as well as strong bodies. Yachting reduces stress and anxiety. You must go for the various activities on a yacht in order to feel the adrenaline rush.

Amazing Views of Dubai Landmarks

Dubai is popular for its incredible selection of architecture. While chartering a yacht allows you to get the best views of Dubai Marina one of the stand-out developments. High-rise luxurious apartment blocks, shops, malls, waterside restaurants, and much more. Next in the yacht journey comes more impressive when you have a view of iconic Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world, the Palm Jumeirah as well as the fabulous, Atlantis hotel.

Open venue for the celebrations

A yacht in Dubai offers an open venue. The guests, hosts, party attendants, as well as small children, can enjoy the beauty of the weather. Enjoying a yacht party in an open venue give a pleasant feeling. Yacht booking in Dubai is so affordable and the packages make it worth buying. Along with this, you can also decorate the yacht according to the theme of the party. Very few platforms provide this kind of flexibility.

You can make your vacations enjoyable and colorful by booking private or shared yacht services in Dubai. Although, there are multiple reasons to rent a yacht, but one thing you must keep in mind is, you’ll never find the experience monotonous. Venturing out in the open sea is an experience is marvelous.

Steps to charter a yacht

Chartering a yacht is so easy and simple in Dubai. However, you must consider the availability of the yachts. As renting a yacht is a popular activity in Dubai, maybe it is not available on the date you need. So, book in advance.  Following these main steps during the booking procedure.

  • Always choose the best and most reliable yacht charter company such as Easy yachts
  • Visit the website and select the most suitable yacht
  • Contact the company
  • Ask for the availability of the yacht
  • Discuss your plans and purpose
  • Mostly half payment is done during the booking process
  • You will receive a confirmation message via Email or WhatsApp
  • You will get all the contact details of the Captain and Coordinator of your yacht
  • You have to pay the remaining amount on the day of cruising

Imagine spending your Dubai trip relaxing on your private yacht in the Arabian Gulf’s turquoise waters. A lot of people find this process intimidating and perplexing. However, we’re here to discuss some essential tips for a stress-free yacht charter Dubai booking.

Be Clear About your Needs

As there are various types of yachts available for rent, so you must be specific about the type you want to rent. Make a note of the amenities and facilities that you want onboard. While requesting about the yacht rental it includes some essential details like budget, number of guests, the purpose of booking, preferred dates, as well as catering services.

Abide by the Etiquettes

Keep in consideration, yachts environment has its own set of rules that must be followed. There are some etiquettes that you must follow onboard. Treat the crew members with respect. Although, the space is limited, just bring soft-sided luggage. Bring only the number of guests that were specified at the time of booking. We will only have enough food and beverages for the specified guests.

Consider the Weather

It’s one of the most crucial factors to consider before booking. It is suggested to make your booking done in the season where the weather is favorable to the sea. By following this, you’ll not be disappointed by cancelation or rescheduling. You can opt to charter a yacht during summer evenings or when the weather is clear. Must bring appropriate clothing and equipment.

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