Top 11 full-day sightseeing tours in Dubai
Nov 30
Top 11 full-day sightseeing tours in Dubai

Top 11 full-day sightseeing tours in Dubai


Dubai is no less than a dreamy land that transforms into a great reality soon. However, it’s not too long to remind about a small Bedouin village. No one can imagine such a transformation. Now people from all around the world come to experience the modern lifestyle and improve their living standards.

No matter, Dubai is one of the best places as an entertainment hub in the world. Whether you want to shop or experience the yacht charter in Dubai, you can get the full amazement. Enjoy the luxury rides including limo rental Dubai to have a great sightseeing view of Dubai. Although it’s not possible to have the full fun in one day If you are planning for a Dubai tour this weekend or upcoming month and want to know how to spend the full day then here is a guide for you. Hence, mark up some of them and enjoy a great time in Dubai.

The beauty of Dubai is matchless for every age 

Dubai has so many fun options for every age group. Adults as well as kids love to explore the hidden beauty of Dubai. Therefore, a beautiful trip waits for the tourists and locals. Moreover, there are shopping centers and adventurous rides for adults. Whereas, little ones can enjoy the water park slides and museum visits.

Furthermore, there are a huge number of restaurants and cafes that serve you with their different cuisine authentic flavors. No matter if this is your first visit to the city or came here several times, Dubai warmly welcomes you. Every time you get something more amazing than the previous experience.

List of top full-day sightseeing tours in Dubai 

Dubai is such a marvel that it’s not good to have a one-day tour. You will surely miss some great adventures because of the less time. Following are some of the best full-day sightseeing tours in Dubai:

  1. Experience the deep dive Dubai

Deep dive Dubai is an adventurous activity for adults. It’s located at NAS sports complex in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai. Experience the 60-meter-deep dive in the pool. Apart from the dive, there is unrivaled underwater addition as a sunken city with different roads. Therefore, thrilling divers can explore the amazing zone and delicate detail.

Moreover, there is an opportunity of learning free diving and scuba diving under professional supervision. A music system and proper lighting are fitted to create a different aura in the pool. There are a lot of cameras adjusted to ensure the safety of divers.

Apart from the pool area, there is a diving complex also, equipped with screens and large windows. Non-divers can also see their family members enjoying the divers from dry land.

  1. Enjoy the dune bashing on a desert safari

No tour to Dubai is complete unless you plan for a desert safari. Plan for some adventurous activities and a night stay. You can ride on the most powerful vehicle like 4 x 4 and jeep and enjoy dune bashing.

Make your valuable time more memorable. You can enjoy the full dosage of adventurous rides and an action-packed day. Moreover, you can enjoy a Bedouin camp-style stay on the desert safari. You can enjoy the delicious BBQ and Arabian coffee to relish your taste buds.

  1. Have fun with limo tours

Enjoy the luxurious journey throughout the city. Book for your favorite limousine and ride along with the luxuries. There are comfortable sofa seats and loaded bars with soft drinks. You have a chauffeur at your service that serves you and makes you feel comfortable. You can plan to visit Dubai or celebrate your special event on a limo rental in DubaiIf you are having a Dubai tour with a limo service then you can get guidance on every spot of Dubai in detail.

  1. Take an adventurous helicopter ride

Dubai has vast stretches of sandy areas and skyscrapers. Enjoy the private or sharing-based helicopter ride. It is located at Dubai police academy, UAE. The aerial view paints an amazing picture. The only way to cover a large area and sweeping views is to have a ride in the helicopter. Amaze yourself with the aerial view.

Capture a beautiful view of Dubai. There is an experienced team of pilots that guides you about the amazing sights including palm Jumeirah, Burj al-Arab, and Burj Khalifa. Enjoy Dubai from an aerial view and have an everlasting memory.

  1. Spend quality time in the arms of the sea

Amaze yourself with the widescreen view of the Dubai coastal areas with yacht charter Dubai. There is a great variety of fleets of different sizes available. Charter along the Bluewater and capture the photographs with the iconic background. Sail onboard with a luxurious feel.

Enjoy the amazing view of the Dubai skyline and experience the real feel of water sports. You can have a delicious meal from different cuisines. A 5-star international buffet in some luxury yachts is available for tourists. Guests can enjoy the live BBQ or live music to have a different style of joy.

Enjoy the sightseeing sunset view with a cool breeze blowing. No one can forget this amazing yacht charter experience. There are comfortable leather sofas in the lounge, sundeck, and VIP rooms. It’s fascinating to know that some of the yachts have other luxuries as well like a jacuzzi or swimming pool for their guests. Professional crew members make the guests feel royal with the extraordinary services. Customer satisfaction is the only priority of the crew members.

  1. Enjoy the height of Burj Khalifa

The modern high-rise building invites tourists and locals to explore the beauty of Dubai from the height of 828 m. It is located at sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid boulevard, Downtown Dubai. Burj Khalifa is being used for multipurpose.

There are residential apartments and offices in the building. Moreover, guests can capture beautiful moments and enjoy the real beauty of Dubai. Modern architecture helps the guests to take ideas and get stunned by the amazing building. You can enjoy the beautiful fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Everything looks great from such an amazing height.

  1. Explore the global village

This is the time to make new memories by exploring the deep beauty of different cultures. Plan a visit to a global village and get entertained by the cultural festivities and different fairs. It is located at Sheikh Muhammad bin Zaid road, exit 37- E-311, Dubai.

Moreover, it has a great fun option for every age group. There are different games, rides, and attractive 90 cultures. You get the opportunity to shop for honey from Yemen or the traditional carpets of Iran and Afghanistan. For the guest’s entertainment, there are concerts and shows of comedy and music. Enthusiastic tourists get the opportunity to have thrilling rides and foodies can have their favorite meal on their plates.

  1. Have fun with the big bus tour of Dubai 

Hop on the bus to have a detailed tour of Dubai. It starts from Dubai mall. Enjoy the scenic views from Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall to the souks and Deira. Sit back on the comfortable seats and pass by the fascinating landmarks through the double-decker bus.

There’s a guide for you that elaborates the history to the guests. The route is planned with great concern, there are 26 different spots where you can enjoy. It’s a great opportunity to have an unmatchable tour and awareness of the culture of Dubai. hence, allow yourself to explore Dubai according to the selected route.

  1. Enjoy the dancing waves of Dubai Fountain

Dubai fountain is the best view that refreshes you after a hectic day spent. It is located at sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid boulevard, Downtown Dubai. The fountain is located very next to Burj Khalifa. It is a rhythmic moment of waves showing different colors.

There’s also an Abra boat ride available to enjoy the beautiful Fountain show. To avoid the crowd, go and book for Abra boat, a traditional boat. However, it is the most popular show to have fun in the evening. Tickets are available for tourists and local people so they can reserve their seats.

  1. Praise the beauty of Miracle Garden

Dubai miracle garden is no less than a feast for the senses. It’s located at street 3, Al Barsha South, Dubai. Moreover, it is home to a variety of colorful flora. An array of heart-shaped floral arrangements at the entrance welcomes the guests. Although, many tourists like to capture Pictures of the marvelous décor of flowers.

The sync of the colors makes the guests feel relaxed and astonished at the same time. Hence, enjoy the troll along the garden and never forget these amazing moments. Many people everyday plan to visit Dubai’s miracle garden and have fun there.

  1. Explore the souk market in Dubai

There is a great opportunity to explore a different side of Dubai. Explore the souk market. Spice souk is located Dubai spice souk, Al Khalil Road, Dubai. Gold souk is located at Dubai gold souk, Al Sabkha road, Dubai. there are gold and spice souk market in Dubai. Enjoy the tour and buy different and unique gold things including jewelry and spices.

Guests also have the opportunity to taste the delicious food and drinks along the streets. Many tourists attract to the souk market because of their love for shopping. You can also enjoy the boat ride along the spice and gold souks.


Dubai is an attractive tourist destination. There are much more fun options waiting for you apart from the desert and shopping malls. Therefore, you can’t plan a full-day tour to explore every corner of Dubai. Even your whole week becomes less time. There is a full plan for the tourists in the blog so that they can enjoy the maximum fun of Dubai. Mark up the activities that attract you the most and get ready to explore Dubai.

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