Best corporate event ideas in Dubai
Nov 30
Best corporate event ideas in Dubai

Best corporate event ideas in Dubai


It’s a stereotype that working can’t be a source of fun. Break the myth and believe in your strengths. When you have a good time in the office then your output will be more beneficial. So, it’s very important in the corporate sector to organize different corporate events for the employees. In Dubai, you get plenty of options for having the best corporate event.

Whether it is the venue or activities, Dubai is full of fun. It provides great opportunities for everyone in the working field. Corporate events are very important as they put energy into your employees. So, take great care of them and plan for some best corporate event ideas Dubai

Types of corporate events 

Before getting to the point, let’s make something clear which events can be categorized as corporate events:

  1. Annual meetings
  2. Event award ceremonies
  3. Meetings
  4. Seminars
  5. Product launch
  6. Monthly training session
  7. Corporate lunch
  8. Gala dinner
  9. Team building activities
  10. Employee retention event

Corporate event venues with the activities:

Now we will discuss some venues and events ideas for that specific venue in this blog. Corporate events in Dubai are always welcomed the most by companies all around the world. The reason is that it has versatility in its venues and offers a lot of thrilling activities. Following are some of the corporate event venues and activities that can be conducted there:

  1. Corporate Yacht rental

corporate yacht

UAE offers a great variety of yacht charter Dubai. Choose one wisely. Easy Yacht is one of the best companies in the town with a great range of fleets. Yachts of different sizes and capacities are available from the company. For example, the Gugu boat is the perfect corporate yacht charter for 90 guests as its size is 78 ft. Virgo yacht suits best for the guest’s list of 50 – 60 persons because of the 88 ft yacht size.

Whereas if the event is grand and the number of guests is more than 200 then go for the lotus mega yacht or desert rose mega yacht. Lotus mega yacht can hold 500 guests with a yacht size of 220 ft and the desert rose mega yacht has a capacity of 250 guests with a 155 ft yacht size. Guests will feel like a royal of the extraordinary services and get impressed by the company.

Location: The walk, Dubai marina.

The following activities can be organized on the yacht charter Dubai:

  • Solve a puzzle 

To develop a sense of cooperation, set different teams and allow them to solve the puzzle (related to work) at a specific time with each other’s help. This will surely produce a positive impact on the minds of employees.

  • Strike up a conversation 

Conversation makes everyone come closer and know each other. Offer your employees to talk about a project so that different ideas can be collected and set in the progressive phase.

  1. Madinat Jumeirah conference and event center


Dubai has a lot more beautiful places but close to the Bluewater, there is the Madinat Jumeirah conference and event center. It suits perfectly for corporate events. Get ready to make your employees stunned by the amazing corporate event at such a great venue. It not only offers a large space but also all the required amenities are pre-installed in the conference room.

Location: Madinat Jumeirah – King Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud St – Al Sufouh 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

The following activities can be organized at the conference center:

  • Book for the live band 

Live music or artist will make your guests entertained throughout the event. After the event, make your employees and clients feel special by booking a live band. They will never forget the event and the discussions on the stage.

  • Plan a singing competition 

Such type of recreational activities doesn’t let you stray away from the target but it puts energy into you. Plan for a singing competition on a yacht and make it possible for the guests to provoke their hidden talent. This will improve the inner bonding of your workers.

  1. Corporate Desert safari Events

corporate desert safari

Desert safari is such a place that is just taken for recreational purposes or visit purposes. But in reality, you can plan your next corporate event in the desert. Feel the scent and beauty of dunes and make yourself actively smart. There are plenty of options for having the best corporate event. Book an event manager and discuss your plans.

Location: Sahara Center bus stop – Al Nahda St – Al Nahda – Al Nahda 1 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

The following activities can be organized at desert safari:

  • Cue the friendly competition between the employees

Let the workers show their energy to win a friendly competition like collecting some specific things from other colleagues. This will pay you back by the good outcome that everyone started to communicate with each other.

  • Plan for the relay race with your guests

In an open place like a desert safari, some physical activity proves the best. Plan for the relay race for your employees and other guests as well.

  1. Palm Garden, Park Hyatt Dubai


Greenery always brings happiness to everyone. Park Hyatt Dubai is itself a very beautiful location. Palm garden is one of the most elegant venues for the corporate sector. The management team of the hotel will cater for the event that everyone loves. Proper sitting arrangements, décor, and food will be available to the guests of events.

Location: Park Hyatt Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

The following activities can be organized at the palm garden:

  • Play Q/A rounds with the guests

Q n A is always fun to ask. In this game, everyone in the audience gets involved. Different answers from different persons can increase the knowledge and clear point of view easily.

  • Plan for the game Mission impossible 

The main goal of such physical activity is to develop communication and problem-solving skills. Drop a plan which seems impossible to the guests and then allow them to share different points of view to solve the mission impossible. This will make a strong communication bond with the team members as this game is played in groups.

  1. Dubai world trade center

trade center

Dubai world trade center is famous for its many conference rooms. Many meetings and seminars are held successfully at the venue. It has well-equipped rooms with the latest technology and a huge spacious area for the guests. The team at the trade center will make sure to avoid any inconvenience and put the event on priority.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

The following activities can be organized at the world trade center:

  • Organize an exhibition of your product 

Plan for the exhibition of your new product for all the guests including clients. This is a great opportunity to present the launch and make everyone aware of your product. Guests should be allowed to share remarks so that they can know the reaction of people toward the product.

  • Reward your best employees on the month or year 

It is always the best way to appreciate your workers by having a reward show for them. This will encourage other workers to put their best as well. So, the world trade center is a suitable venue for such award shows.


Venues and activities both matter a lot in the corporate sector. There are a lot of corporate event venues and ideas to make the event successful. Always choose the venue and activity ideas keenly according to the taste of your guests. Some of them are mentioned as the yacht rental, palm garden, desert safari, etc. These venues offer a great variety of thrills and adventures to the guests to make the company’s good name.

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