What kind of events can be celebrated on yacht?

Getting an event arranged on a yacht means you’re going to upgrade the level of your event. It is fascinating to know that, anything around the sea creates its own vibe. A yacht experience changes the game of the party if you are having or looking for just a random hangout. If you want so, Yacht charter Dubai is an affordable choice to enjoy fancy arrangement. In Dubai, there’s a wide range of cruising business due to the stunning and mesmerizing coastline the people are blessed with.

Being a developed city, events on yacht is one of the luxuries activities. The best thing is, yacht booking for any event is so easy for the people.  Yachts is capable to pull of numerous events without worrying the theme that go with the yacht.

Yacht rental Dubai allows you arrange a wide variety of remarkable events giving you the best chance to spend quality time. Enjoy your event away from the stressful atmosphere you’re your coworkers, clients, family and friends.

Rent a yacht for a corporate event

In Dubai, one of the latest attractions for corporate event is renting a yacht. If you are interested in spending remarkable and quality time with coworkers, various options are available. Among these, we’re mentioning some of them:

  • Teambuilding activities are capable to accommodate small or large number of people.
  • Business meetings are also hosted on a yacht in Dubai, for both local and foreign guests.
  • Enjoy end of the year corporate parties thrown on a yacht for rent.
  • Corporate anniversaries are held on yachts in order to reward the employees.
  • Retirement parties are also started on yacht becoming quite popular.

While renting a yacht in Dubai, take an advantage of a splendiferous setting that definitely impress your customers. It builds the team spirit among employees. The mesmerizing views, out-class onboard facilities and professional services offered by captains are perfect for networking, business meetings. Easy Yacht hosts exclusive events. Business owners can easily host any kind of corporate event on corporate yacht charter and they can ask for any type of service according to their needs with any trouble.

An unforgettable wedding

Dubai is an ideal destination for wedding party and hosting it on a wedding yacht rental makes it remarkable. Let’s make your dream into reality while renting a yacht in Dubai. Easy yachts put together your wedding so that it can be an amazing one. We believe that, wedding has to be perfect to the last detail, we ensure to plan everything thoroughly in order to turn every single moment into a memorable and unique event.

We help with:

  • Catering services for you and your guests, during and after the wedding.
  • Bachelor parties- if you want according to your wedding theme.
  • Large yachts can host up to 500 guests- if you have more guests.
  • All kinds of amenities for keeping your guests entertained.

Exclusive Birthday Parties

Nothing is more extravagant while celebrated aboard a yacht off Dubai than a fabulous birthday bash. Birthday celebration on a private yacht is something especial to impress your friends, families and surrounding. Imagine all your friends gathered in a boat partying and having quality time of their lives.

No matters, whether you are celebrating your own birthday or going to surprise someone, a yacht birthday party is an ideal way to make it extra special. Plan a birthday on a magnificent yacht according to your expected number of guests as well as activities you have in mind. You can easily choose a yacht depending on amenities, size, and design.  However, it is essential to book a yacht in advance so that you’ll be sure to book the right one as per requirements.

Among these, entertain the adults with scuba diving, large sundecks on which they can relax, and fishing. You can also demand for kids’ entertainment if you are planning a family gathering.

Family events

No matter if your social circle and family is big or small, throwing a party for celebrating various moments in your life are unique and great experience. Among the common family events, a lot of people want to celebrate their family events like wedding anniversaries, reunions, and others events on the yacht. It is fascinating to know that all kind of family gathering on yacht in Dubai are ideal for all looking to spend quality time without having organize them by themselves. The best thing is, you are allowed to choose from variety of yachts from the fleet for smaller or bigger family groups.

Organize a team building

Team building activities are great when completed outside of the office and there is nothing better option than a yacht to hold such event. A soothing environment help the employees unwind the team bond. It also brings a positive effect on work relations.

Organizing team building activities on yacht allows your coworkers to have remarkable time outside the office with amazing views of Dubai Marina.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary

Another milestone to celebrate on a yacht is your wedding anniversary. Not just the weddings are unforgettable as wedding anniversaries also deserve the parties. If you want something unique, surprise your parents by hosting a party on a yacht and invite people who have attended your wedding. Another idea is- recreate your wedding in Dubai reliving wonderful moments all over again.

Sweep your partner’s feet away by a romantic dinner aboard a yacht in Dubai. Nothing is more picturesque than watching the sunset in the middle of sea when the water shimmers with the reflection. Wait few more minutes, and it will soon turn into twilight. Unfold it into a romantic night with scattered stars.

Keep in consideration, setting up a romantic date of your anniversary is easy. Since there will be the two of you aboard, the logistics involved is a lot easier rather than bringing a whole group into a boat. However, depending on your plan, the details could be complicated to pull off. Either you have an extravagant plan or just planning an awesome surprise with your partner, it’s sure to be memorable on a yacht.

Engagement parties

If you want an engagement party on a yacht in Dubai, you’ll get various services depending on the size of the event. It is fascinating to know that Easy Yachts are accustomed to helping people in order to have small private or, even large parties to which they invite friends and family. They arrange for all catering services, a robo chef to cook for you, and music of your choice. If you charter a yacht in Dubai, it’ll turn your engagement party into a truly special event. Hire an exclusive and luxurious yacht for such an event.

Executive’s Company Retreat

CEOs know very well that how important it is to build a good working relationship. That’s why it is important for the companies to reward their decision-makers with outclass activities. Keep in consideration, these companies encourage synergy and camaraderie. It seems common for HR professionals to arrange luxurious accommodation. However, the better option is to surprise your managers by arranging a company retreat on a yacht. Most of the yachts also offer water sports activities.

Graduation party

The graduation is one of the most important events in a person’s life. Hosting a party for your success is quite mandatory. While in Dubai, there is nothing better way to enjoy this party on a yacht. Have some quality time. Easy yachts operators are ready to help you host a graduation partyimpressing your beloved ones. We also help the family members to organize a surprise graduation party for their children. It’s an ideal time to take your mind off exams and books- have a great time under Dubai sky.

Company Product Launches

Let’s admit that most of the product launches hosted inside a boring room or massive hall. It’s accepted, it doesn’t gain interest for your employees and media partners who expect much more. However, in terms of corporate celebrations, announcements of new product launches must be celebrated with fancy and flair and setting up a media event aboard a private charter in Dubai has its own charm.

A unique corporate conference

Corporate conferences are little different in Dubai.  What if we say- they can be held in a unique scenery, such as on a yacht? Yes, now there’s a time to get out of the ordinary- and impress your business partners with an amazing conference party on a yacht. Onboard the yacht, and enjoy your event is a special and original way. The amazing catering, complete conference facilities, and friendly crew offered onboard a yacht are perfect option for the occasion.

It’s fascinating to know that Easy Yachts also help you organize a corporate anniversary, in which your team members can have a marvelous time along Dubai Marina. We’ll help with all the arrangements so that your employees or other guests have a wonderful time.

However, if you want to know some more about the types of events that can be organized on a yacht, please contact our yacht charter representatives. If you are looking to plan another event on a yacht, let us know so that we can help you.

Friends Hangout

Usually no one consider such a high-standard option for just a hangout. However, people in Dubai consider it because every luxury yacht charter is under reach and people take advantage.  Tourists from around the world enjoy their meals and spend time on yachts while admiring Dubai’s amazing cruising vibe. Yachting in Dubai is such kind of experience that will leave you desiring more.

Essential Considerations While Planning for an Event on a Yacht

If you have planned any event in your life you must be knowing what it takes to organize it smoothly. However, if you haven’t yet, there is a great need to know that organizing an event is not a piece of cake. It takes lot of efforts and patience. In case you are organizing an event on a luxury yacht consider some essential things before taking the final call as well as booking your yacht.

Even the organizers also need some time in order to give you the perfect date and timing. If you think you can book a yacht, then your event might end up disappointing. After you book, organizers need to arrange an ideal yacht for the occasion. They monitor the crew availability, weather conditions, decoration as well as other demand facilities for the event. All these factors are crucial to make your event special.

Let’s discuss the list of things needs to be considered when booking a yacht.

Know Your Budget

Keep in consideration, yacht events don’t come cheap. However, if you have planned an event then you also have planned your budget already. Dubai yacht parties comes with different costs. The range comprises from low budget yachts with basic amenities to highly maintained luxury yachts along with classy amenities.

Decide your budget in advance. Do a proper research of the available yachts as per your budget. It would be best to talk to several yacht party dealers who can help you with the different yachts they have. You must find about the amenities as well as other essential factors such as food, beverages, music, as well as other details you want to add on board. If you start planning- you can easily find a yacht according to your budget as well as fulfill all demands in the same.

Timings of Your Event

Timing is important in everything especially when you have decided for an event on a yacht. Keep in consideration, you will have to be more cautious while considering the factors that may disappoint you if you fail to book. Occasions such as anniversary or birthdays fall on same dates so you easily make the bookings easily in advance.

Moreover, if you are planning celebration for any kind of festival on yacht, know the date so can making bookings before. The corporates events are scheduled months before and most of the date are finalized on the availability of venues. Do monitor the yacht sailing schedules.

Yachts Sizes for the Event

This is another essential factor to consider as every yacht comes with specific capacity in order to accommodate guests. You must check the capacity of yacht based on the headcounts at your side and inform the organizer regarding the number of people attending the event. They can cater to your demands perfectly.

Crew Members on the Yacht

Without any doubt, yachts appoint professional and well-trained crew members- experts in their work areas. Either attending the guests, serving meals or if there is any emergency situation, they are fully aware of their responsibilities. If you want to meet the crew members, make request to the captain to arrange a meeting. Moreover, you must visit the venue yourself to examine the arrangement before the event.

Amenities for the Event

How all the arrangements are made significantly depends on what the event is. However, it’s essential to inform the team for what event you are booking the yacht. Keep in consideration, each event has its own decor pattern like birthdays need simple decor, whereas wedding comes with elaborated decor, and corporate parties with minimalist decor.

The well-trained team at the yacht guide you with the decor. Just tell them what you are looking forward to. Moreover, ensure that before you complete the payment procedure, you inform the team regarding the event they are going to organize. Ask for all the amenities you want before making the bookings.

Dubai is famous for its yacht parties and you’ll get the best of all the worlds here. All you have to do is, plan an event in advance so that you have enough time in your hands for finding the best yacht party in Dubai.

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