Complete guide to choosing the best yacht

A yacht in Dubai is synonymous with one of the best means of leisure trio with luxury amenities. It is fascinating to know that Dubai is boasting a fleet of luxury yachts with best cruising experience and unrivaled facilities to the residents as well as the tourists. There is nothing a memorable gift than hiring Yacht Charter Dubai with your family or friends.

A luxury yacht in Dubai

In Dubai, a luxury yacht is used for recreational purposes. The yacht comes with state-of-the-art facilities, music system, and home theater as well.  Luxury yacht promises to provide the extravagance along with the ever-changing vistas, and the most delicious food provided onboard.

Amenities onboard

When you choose luxury yacht for your trip, you’ll feel it like your home. Here is a short list to major facilities available on a luxury yacht in Dubai.

  • Bedrooms
  • Sundeck
  • Lounges
  • Spacious lounges
  • Washrooms
  • Jacuzzis
  • Cinema hall
  • Kitchen
  • Salon

The excitement of sightseeing

Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah are the most popular spots in Dubai. A yacht trip to Dubai Marina allows you admire numerous skyscrapers, marina board walk, marina mall, and JBR. Seeing Dubai Marina from the yacht has its own charm as well as excellent spot of the spendthrifts. You can also find some of the most -sought residential areas, open-air dining areas, and some adventurous destinations in Marina to make your visit remarkable.

On the other hand, if you select Palm Jumeirah, see the huge man-made Island in the shape of palm tree. Get the best opportunity to glimpse Atlantis, the Palm, the world-famous hotel. Along with this, you’ll also spot iconic Burj Al Arab, the only seven-start hotel in the world. Take splendid pictures on a cruise with the backdrop these buildings for your Instagram stories.

Have fun with watersports activities

Cruising across the Arabian Guld is not the only reason of the popularity of yacht. It is fascinating to know that the yacht rental companies such as Easy Yacht allow numerous other activities to make your trip memorable for long time.  You can swim in aquamarine water. However, it would be best to inform the crew in advance that you are interested in some water sports activities. So, they can arrange some of the best spots for you. Other with fear of swimming, can choose floating tubes to enjoy. Snorkeling is one of the best water sports activities to enjoy on a yacht. It’s more exciting than swimming, gaze upon the maire life just from the water surface.

The ideal choice for party

The excitement of cruising, spacious decks, and jaw-dropping sights make the yacht a perfect venue for your party. Dubai offers various sizes of yachts depending on number of guests as well as your budget. Additional services that you can enjoy onboard as customized cake available upon request, hostess, DJ, music or your choice, and the most important delicious meal with 5-star services. The crew will decorate your yacht with balloon and red carpet in order to make it a themed part venue. People who are used to party in restaurants and auditoriums, invite them on a yacht and have the most exciting party ever.

There is a great need to know that, yachts don’t organize any entertainment programs. However, the guest has the freedom to plan anything in order to make the trip more enjoyable. Play your favorite songs, sing and dance to the music. Some of the yachts also offers a cinema hall for ensuring that you are never bored.

Dining on yacht

One of the significant reasons to choose yacht charter for party venue is, mouth-watering food served onboard. You can either take food from the kitchen or order to serve on your table. However, food in not included if your cruising duration is short. Lotus mega yacht in Dubai allows you enjoy the best traditional and international cuisines on yacht. You must have your dinner on a yacht to make the entire experience worthy and remarkable.

Pick Suitable Yacht

When there are number of yachts according to your needs, budget, and schedule, selection of a single yacht in not such as big deal. The main factors that you need to consider are facilities, capacity, size, and most importantly the cost.

Steps to charter a yacht in Dubai

Chartering a yacht in Dubai is so simple. One of the significant things you need to consider is the availability of the yachts. Yachting is a popular activity in Dubai and sometimes your selected yacht choose may not be available on the date. In order to avoid this unpleasant incident, it would best to better to book well before hiring for a, event. Contact the company, they will provide all the information regarding the yachts.

Following steps are involved in the booking procedure:

  • Select the best yacht charter company
  • Visit the website and look for the most suitable yacht
  • Contact the company
  • Confirm the availability of the yacht
  • Discuss the purpose as well as your plans
  • Mostly, half payment is made during the booking process
  • You will receive a confirmation Email or WhatsApp

Is there a dress code on a yacht in Dubai?

There is no dress code. It is your trip, and you have to decide what you should wear. However, its suggested to wear simple clothes to be comfortable. Bring an extra pair of dress and swimwear if you are planning to indulge in some watersport’s activities.

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Selection of the best yacht charter company in Dubai

When you have selected the destination for a holiday, there is no chance to make a mistake in selection of the best yacht charter company in Dubai. Everything is at your fingertips nowadays, means that entire choice is just a click away. It is suggested to pick the yacht company with the most extended experience. The journey is beyond perfect with a company giving the utmost value to your satisfaction. It ensures that you will be safe throughout the trip on the water.

There is no need for much luggage. It’s better to have less luggage means just your most important things. The captain will introduce to you. Meet and greet them, they’ll be happy to serve you for the next few hours. Moreover, some rules are there for every journey. You must follow all the instructions provided by the crew in order to have a delightful journey.

Activities on the Yacht Cruise

  • Fishing: Dubai seas are known for rich marine life and has a long history of being the fishing capital. Fishing adds both excitement and fun aboard a yacht. The best thing is all the fishing equipment’s are available on the yacht.
  • Swimming: it is fascinating to know that lagoons in Dubai are so enticing. Take a dip in aquamarine waters.
  • Sunset cruising: On a sunset cruise, yacht goes into the high seas. See the sun dropping below the horizon and witness the golden hour as well as changing hues of the sky from the deck.
  • Yacht dinner: The best thing about chartering a yacht in Dubai is, its and ideal spot to have mouth-watering dinner. Choose the food you want onboard and have the best fulfilling dining experience.

Yacht as a party venue

In Dubai, yachts have become a popular venue for hosting exquisite parties. What makes yacht the best venue for parties is its versatility. You can host weddings, corporate events on yacht, birthdays, get-togethers, office parties, and a lot more. Yacht charter Dubai are cost-effective, considering all the amenities you get for the price- not to mention the experience.

In essence, going on a yacht charter also means going on a vacation. If you are planning to take an exciting cruise in Dubai, leave all your worries behind even if you are only cruising for a few hours. Because the main purpose is to relax and have fun with your friends and family. Let’s know what to bring and what not to bring on a yacht:

What to bring

  • Passport, visa, or valid ID: Dubai Coast Guard high requires your valid identification proofs with them in terms of security purposes.
  • Hast, sunglasses, and sunblock: If you are chartering a yacht in a day, bring extra protection for your skin and eyes. Prolonged exposure to heat is not good. Enjoy your trip without getting tensed.
  • Medication, if needed: keep in consideration, yacht charters are needed to have a first aid kit on board. However, it would be best to bring your medicines for allergies, seasickness, and headaches.
  • Camera: Cruising in Dubai allows you click the most beautiful sights from the seas. Bring your camera to take souvenir shots as reminders of your cruise. Nothing is more precious than capturing the sunset along with various hues leaving shades on the waves.
  • Your favorite music: Yachts are equipped with a modern music system. You can select own selection of music.
  • Swimwear and towels: make sure to bring you swimsuit if you plan to go swimming or snorkeling. Towels are available on the yacht, but you can also bring
  • Comfortable clothes: It is highly recommended to wear something fits your activity on the yacht. Casual and light wear is suggested. However, bring a jacket or shawl during the cold winter days.
  • An adequate amount of cash: it is suggested to bring a sufficient amount to pay for your charter as well as other services ordered for your cruise.

What not to bring

  • Expensive jewelry and valuables: it would be best to leave all the gold at home. In emergency cases, the priority of crew and captain is the life.
  • Watches that are not waterproof: The mist from the sea can damage your watch if it is not waterproofed.

Bring your best and brightest smile on a yacht charter in Dubai. It’s not all about the possessions, but also the memories that cruising gives. Have a great time in the sparkling waters.

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