Types of Yachts in Dubai Everyone Must know About

Yachts are very popular in Dubai. This is because yachts are quite a luxury to experience and people in Dubai are all about that life. They like everything to be classy, glam and luxurious. Private yachts are the most popular choice of people for multiple purposes all over the city because they feature some very impressive features. Every yacht is unique and is built according to people’s preferences so that there is a type of yacht for everyone. For example, some like their yacht to be one where there is more of an open deck with luxurious features. They like enjoying the cool breeze of Persian Gulf while also relaxing and unwinding in the luxurious yacht. So there are many yachts available to suit their liking. On the other hand, some people like their yachts to be more of an enclosed one with many cool cabins and other awesome features available on board. Some like their boats to be more of a compact one where they could chill alone or with a loved one while others like theirs to be grandiose.

These are some of the types of yachts people prefer renting. But there are much more to suit different purposes like hosting an event, throwing parties etc. Here are some of the yachts that yacht rental Dubai in UAE offer great deals and discounts.

Mermaid Boat

Mermaid Boat

Mermaid boat is an excellent one for people who like going for a quick cruise run. Ideal for short cruises, this power-packed cruise has much more to offer than just a short cruise. This one might just be 40 feet long, but it is can easily accommodate 10-11 people. It is also an affordable option for someone who is looking for a luxury yacht on a budget. It also features 1 cabin perfect for a quick nap or maybe some gossip sessions indoor. All in all, it is great for short cruises or beginners as well.

Lady of the Seaboat

super luxurious boat

Lady of sea one is a super luxurious boat ideal for celebrating big days with your close friends and family and maybe just a loved one on an anniversary. This boat can only accommodate up to 10 people which means it is ideal for private parties or weekend hangouts with close friends. The difference between this boat and Mermaid boat is the luxury factor. This one’s slightly on an expensive side but we think it’s totally worth every penny because there is a lot that can be done on this boat.

Virgo Boat

Virgo Boat

Virgo yacht is a huge boat that can accommodate 45 people at a time. This is a super luxury yacht ideal for throwing small parties. It also features beautiful interior including luxury cabins (bedrooms, restroom etc). The open deck is pretty gorgeous as well and includes a super comfortable sitting area from where you can enjoying optimum views while cruising around the Persian Gulf. The price point is slightly on the expensive side but take our word for it when we say it’s totally worth it.

Yachts can make any day and event special which is why you should go and rent one now for an amazing experience!

When on a Yacht – Yacht Charter Dubai

Getting a Yacht party invitation is one of the highlights of summer. A yacht charter in Dubai or a cruise ride is pure bliss and fun. Fancy sailing on a floating festival at the night in dark is absolutely worth the while. A quiet yacht journey under the starry sky has all our votes. Just as much as a night Yacht party is fun, partying in the morning or daytime too has its rewards. It’s amazingly crazy to have a great time with your friends, family, and other important people under the sun playing as a giant spotlight. Just in case you need more reasons to sail on a yacht this month, read this article and get allured along the way.

In this blog, I am going to list down the do’s and dont’s you should know about while you are on a Yacht having a party.

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Yacht In Dubai

The Do’s

  • Respect the crew. These people really deserve all the respect in the world because of the extremely difficult job that they do all day long to make your experience good. Be it the chef of the stewardesses each play a significant role in letting you have the time of your life on the waves.
  • Bring along a suitable luggage. Storage is always an issue. Most of the yachts such as Virgo Yacht, do have a large space to accommodate even the biggest luggage that people bring which include a number of giant size-suitcases. But others do not have this capacity. It is best to take along soft luggage such as rucksacks and backpacks so that they can be put anywhere.
  • Give a good ear to the security briefings that are given before the start of the trip. We all are guilty of turning a deaf ear to situations like these but it is one of the prime duties of the crew and the captain to provide you with security and yours is to take it seriously.
  • Enjoy yourself. Though this should have been on the top of the list we’ll just put it here for now. Don’t forget that you are your own entertainer. Whether it’s a business trip or a party, a day on a yacht can be made extremely fun and entertaining if you know just the right thing to do.

The Don’t’s

  • First things first, do not do anything illegal. A yacht-day-out is really fun, but a week on it can take the fun to the next level. And it is often this fun that makes people get carried away and takes things to an illegal level.
  • Do not depend too much on the crew. It is acceptable that they are there to help and serve you and get paid a huge amount to take care of that business. But depending too much on the crew is ultimately going to ruin your own fun.
  • If you are stopping on an island do not go for too long excursions as it wastes a huge amount of time.
  • Do not make your crew hate you by doing anything that disturbs them or obstructs them from their work because if your crew ain’t happy, you ain’t going to be happy.If this blog was alluring enough to make you crave a Yacht Party, leave all that you were doing and browse through our website which is one of the best platforms to rent a yacht in Abu Dhabi.


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