Pier 7

For gourmands and food connoisseurs of discriminating taste, the nirvana that is Dubai Marina Mall’s Pier 7 is a must-visit destination.


Interesting fact

The fact that it is home to not one or two but seven different restaurants of world-class calibre under one roof is what makes it the most sought-after destination for people who are interested in food.

Marvelous architecture

The amazing architecture of Pier 7 Dubai is not to be outdone by the fact that it was designed to accommodate seven floors of excellent dining experiences with the city skyline as a backdrop.


It is open to welcome the guests every day from 8:00 AM – 3:00 AM.

Time required for visit

You need to spare Two to Three Hours for pier 7 visit.

Cost of Entry

There is no cost of entry. Feel free to get enter into the restaurant.

Restaurants at pier 7

Atelier M

It features French cuisine reimagined in an Asian style.

Abd el Wahab

The restaurant serving genuine cuisine from Lebanon.

The setting

Have the delicious traditional foods from Europe.

The Fume

If you want to get into the spirit, try some drinks with unusual flavors.

Street cuisine

Enjoy street food from Asia and a variety of cocktails may be found at Cargo.

Asia Asia

Be sure to sample the savory Black Cod and the aromatic Duck.

Mama Zonia

Amazonian influenced restaurant

Best for which age group

The restaurant offers a great time for the guests of every age group. As each floor offers different cuisines so make a plan with your friends as well as family. Moreover, the atmosphere of the restaurant is also very peaceful and family friendly.

How to get to Pier 7

In the new part of Dubai, next to Al Marsa Boulevard, you’ll find Pier 7 at Dubai Marina, which is inside the famous Dubai Marina Mall. The stop at Dubai Marina Mall on the network of trams is the one that is closest to Pier 7 in the Dubai Marina. Taxis are another option for getting there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pier 7 Dubai in Dubai Marina offers food and entertainment. It has seven floors of restaurants and bars.

Pier 7 Dubai has seven unique restaurants on each floor.

Pier 7 Dubai serves Mediterranean, Asian, American, and seafood.

Pier 7 Dubai requires smart casual attire. Visitors should dress well and avoid flip-flops.

Most restaurants offer affordable and premium options for different budgets.

Pier 7 Dubai opens daily from 12 PM to 1 AM.

Pier 7 Dubai offers valet and self-parking.

Absolutely, reservations are recommended, especially during busy times.

Pier 7 Dubai welcomes children, but verify with each restaurant first.

To avoid crowds, visit Pier 7 Dubai off-peak. Visit midweek during lunch.


Need Details?

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