Jumeirah Public

The Jumeirah Public Beach is a popular destination for tourists in Dubai. The beach, which can be found right in the middle of the Jumeirah neighborhood, is known for its white sand and blue seas overlooking the Arabian Gulf. When you visit Jumeirah, you can do the following at the public beach:


Accommodations and Actions

In order to keep guests entertained, the beach provides several different options. Sun loungers, umbrellas, and towels are available for rent, but you can also bring your own. Visitors can take advantage of the available restrooms, public showers, and changing rooms. Food and drink establishments, such as cafes and restaurants, serving dishes from around the world may be found along the shore.

You can not only soak up the rays and relax on the sand, but you can also try your hand at various water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking, and parasailing at Jumeirah Public Beach. If you’d like to get some exercise while at the beach, there’s a running track and a beach volleyball court.


There is a beach in the Jumeirah area, not far from the famous Burj Al Arab hotel. Parking is plentiful close to the beach, but it can fill up quickly.

Details on how to get there?

The Dubai Tram is a quick and easy way to go to the beach if you’d rather not drive.

Environment of the beach

The sands and waters at Jumeirah Public Beach are perfect for picnics and other group outings. There is a splash pad and play area specifically for youngsters at the beach. The beach is patrolled by multiple lifeguards who are there to keep everyone safe.

When to Go!

From dawn ’til dusk, beachgoers are welcome. If you want to avoid the heat of the day, a visit in the early morning or late evening is ideal.

Important points to consider

The safety and enjoyment of all beachgoers depends on everyone’s agreement with the laws and regulations in place. Smoking, playing loud music, and littering are all strictly prohibited. We ask that our guests dress respectfully and not wear revealing clothing or swimwear.

Cost of Entry

Visits to Jumeirah Public Beach are free of charge, although rentals of sun loungers, umbrellas, and towels are not. Food and drinks, as well as various water-based activities, can be had for a price.

If you and your family are in Dubai, you really must stop by Jumeirah Public Beach. It’s easy to see why this destination is so well-loved by both locals and visitors: the area boasts breathtaking scenery, a wealth of amenities, and an overall welcoming vibe that’s perfect for bringing the kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

The public beach in Jumeirah does, in fact, charge an admission fee of 5 AED per person.

There are restrooms, showers, sunbeds, and umbrellas available at Jumeirah Public Beach.

Visitors to Jumeirah Public Beach are asked to respect local dress standards and customs by not baring too much skin.

In most cases, swimming at Jumeirah Public Beach is completely secure. Vacationers should use caution and swim only in designated places.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Sunset Beach Kiosk, and Salt Beach are just a few of the nearby restaurants and cafes.

Visitors to Jumeirah Public Beach are welcome to bring their own food and beverages. On the other hand, there are a number of restaurants and bars to choose from.


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