Wedding Anniversary on a yacht

Prepare something special for your life companion on this anniversary!

You have been together for a while, haven’t you? It is time to embark on a new adventure together to celebrate the happiness you two are sharing every day of your lives. Wedding anniversary on a wedding yacht Charter guarantees a memorable experience. You will feel at home away from home, you will forget about the worries and daily routine, you will have a day to remember, and most importantly, you will be together.

Why a yacht?

No matter what anniversary you are celebrating: one year or fifty, just the two of you or with family and friends, a celebration on a yacht will be a well-planned event on our end and a real fairy-tale for our clients. The way we see it, emotional milestones in life, such as your wedding anniversary, are worth something bigger than a modest celebration at home with popcorn in front of the television. And although you vowed to be with each other in sickness and in health, no need to worry about the former: on our high-class yachts, sickness simply does not exist.

How it will be organized

On a lavish yacht, every detail of this wedding anniversary is at your fingertips. It is our job to ensure safe sailing, comfort and entertainment on board. The choice is all yours: maybe you want us to recreate the meal you had on your first date or your wedding dinner? You can choose between a range of exquisite wines and dance your wedding dance all over again to the soothing sounds of music under the clear skies. Go for afternoon sunbathing or stay on the yacht for stargazing in the warm sea breeze. Enjoy a romantic dinner or prepare a special present for your spouse.

Rent a Yacht in Dubai and let this anniversary transport you two back to your wedding day, and share moments of happiness on our luxurious yacht.

Easy Yacht under new management and enhanced fleet

Then Easy Yacht is here for you to offer you will cheap yachting services. We are looking towards providing the most effective services to you, and that is why we have changed the management and crew team for the Easy Yacht. Come and enjoy the services of our newly recruited management as well as new and modern boats which have been added to our fleet just recently like desert rose, virgo boat, Al Khan yacht and fishing specialized boat with GPS marked locations for guaranteed fishing. Our new crew members are highly trained and they will offer you with best services beyond your expectations. Come and try us, and we will become your best yachting partner. We are working hard to ensure that you enjoy a unique and memorable trip here in Dubai. Come and get the best support you would expect from our highly trained staff members. We offer delicious food, cooked as per requirements. Our staff has been trained to cook different kinds of foods, and your friends and loved ones will have a nice time enjoying our meals. Come and see the amazing view of Yacht Charter Dubai aboard our yacht and you will never forget the moment.

We have amazing deals, for both Dubai Yacht charter and Abu Dhabi Yacht Rental, and these will fit your pocket. Our staffs are there to offer any kind of support that you may need in a friendly manner. Come and give your friends and loved ones a special treat and they will never forget you. All our onboard facilities are modern and well serviced, and they will make your sailing and fishing time memorable. A modern grill for bbq will also be provided.

Need Details?

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