How to celebrate Ramadan | Iftar buffet Dubai [2024]
Mar 9
How to celebrate Ramadan | Iftar buffet Dubai [2024]

How to celebrate Ramadan | Iftar buffet Dubai [2024]

how to celebrate ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims around the world. It is a time of spiritual reflection, self-discipline, and acts of charity. One of the most significant aspects of Ramadan is the daily fast, which begins at dawn and ends at sunset. Muslims break their fast each evening with an iftar meal, which is typically a large buffet-style meal shared with family and friends.

Some famous iftar buffet Dubai

During the holy month of Ramadan, iftar is an important meal shared among friends and families to break the day’s fast. If you’re looking for an affordable yet indulgent iftar experience in Dubai, there are several options:

Mango People

how to celebrate ramadan

Mango People offers a delicious iftar and suhoor buffet and set menu with a variety of tempting starters, main courses, and beverages from Indian, Pakistani, and Indo-Chinese cuisines.

Prices: AED 49 per person and AED 23 per child aged 4 to 10, exclusive of tax.

Timings: Monday to Sunday from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

Location: The Blue Building, Dubai Land Residential Complex, The Villas.

Contact: +971-4-578-6154 or +971-52-868-4152.


how to celebrate ramadan

Claypot is another great option for those looking for a budget-friendly iftar experience in Dubai. Their sharing menu includes a delicious selection of North Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, all for the unbeatable price. You can enjoy this tasty iftar meal at Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai on the Lobby Level

Price: AED 59 per person

Location: Street 74, Mankhool.

Timings: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm,

Contact: +971-50-100-7065 or +971-4-526-9394

Sabaa Restaurant

how to celebrate ramadan

Sabaa restaurant is an excellent choice for an Arabic-themed iftar experience in Dubai. Located in the Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai, Curio Collection by Hilton, this restaurant offers patrons a traditional setting to enjoy a delicious meal. Guests can indulge in a variety of delectable dishes, such as saffron rice, ouzi, mixed meat grill, and a live saj station. And for dessert, the Camel Milk Cappuccino Creme Brulee is a must-try.

Price: AED 95 per person

Timings: from sunset to 9:00 pm.

Location: Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai, Curio Collection by Hilton, Dubai Creek.

Contact: +971-55-268-6296


how to celebrate ramadan

Skafos at Canopy by Hilton Dubai Al Seef is the perfect place to enjoy a traditional Arabian iftar in Dubai. The elaborate menu includes a variety of cold and hot mezze, live cooking stations, ouzi, seafood grill, and tempting desserts. After dinner, you can relax with shisha while enjoying live oud music from 10:00 pm onwards.

Price: AED 125 per person

Timings: from sunset to 9:00 pm.

Location: Canopy by Hilton Dubai Al Seef on Al Seef Street, Umm Hurair 1

Contact: +971-58-200-5850 to book your table.

My Square

how to celebrate ramadan

It is another excellent option for an iftar buffet in Dubai. They offer an impressive range of mezze and salads followed by an extensive buffet of international cuisine. On Saturdays, Chef Rene Johari takes you on a culinary journey through Malaysian street foods, including chicken satay, coconut rice ouzi, and pandan creme brulee.

Price: AED 129 per person

Timings: from sunset to 9:00 pm.

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay

Contact: +971-4-551-1544

Salt and pepper

how to celebrate ramadan

For those on a budget, Salt & Pepper is one of the best places to enjoy a budget-friendly Iftar in Dubai. Located at Al Bandar Rotana Creek, the restaurant offers a wide range of Arabian and international cuisine, along with traditional beverages to quench your thirst after a long day of fasting. The expansive Iftar buffet also includes live cooking stations.

Price: AED 199 per person, with a child’s meal costing AED 69.

Additionally, children below the age of six can dine for free.

Timings: From sunset to 10:00 PM

Location: Baniyas Road in Deira’s Riggat Al Buteen area.

Contact: +971-4-704-2335



Nosh, located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), is a popular casual dining family restaurant in Dubai that offers an exquisite Iftar buffet during the holy month of Ramadan. The restaurant features a warm and inviting ambience, making it an ideal place to spend time with family and friends during Ramadan.

The Iftar buffet at Nosh includes a wide range of delectable dishes, including live cooking stations, popular Arabian street foods, and showstopping desserts such as umm Ali, kunafa, and baklava. There are also refreshing beverages available to help you break your fast.

Price: AED 199 per person, including beverages.

Children between 6 to 12 years can enjoy the buffet for AED 75, and kids below 6 years dine for free.

Timings: from sunset to 10:30 pm.

Location: Movenpick Hotel, Cluster A, Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Contact: +971-4-438-0000

Kitchen 6

iftar buffet dubai

Kitchen6, located in the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Business Bay, offers a lavish international Iftar buffet in Dubai that is sure to impress. With live cooking stations and a wide variety of dishes from around the world, Kitchen6 is a popular destination for those seeking a diverse culinary experience during Ramadan.

The Iftar buffet at Kitchen6 features an extensive selection of appetizers, mains, and desserts, including traditional Arabian delicacies such as ouzi, lentil soup, and shawarma. Guests can also enjoy a range of international cuisines, including Italian, Indian, and Chinese, as well as a selection of fresh seafood dishes.

Price: AED 215 per person

Timings: 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm

Location: Level 1, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay

Contact: +971-4-41-43000


iftar buffet dubai

Nine7One is a contemporary restaurant located in The Oberoi Dubai, offering a luxurious Iftar experience in Dubai during Ramadan. With a blend of traditional Arabian dishes and international flavors, Nine7One’s Iftar buffet is known for its rich flavors and variety.

Guests can savor a wide selection of starters, main courses, and desserts, along with refreshing Ramadan beverages. The live cooking stations add an interactive element to the dining experience, where chefs prepare dishes like Arabic mixed grill, shawarma, and saj. The dessert selection is a must-try, featuring an array of Arabic sweets like baklava, katayef, and qatayef.

Price: AED 220 per person | AED 110 per child aged 5 to 11

Timings: Sunset to 08:00 pm

Location: Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Contact: +971-4-316-5550

The restaurant

iftar buffet dubai

The Restaurant at Address Boulevard is a luxurious dining destination in Dubai that offers an impressive Iftar buffet featuring contemporary Arabic cuisine. Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, patrons can indulge in a family-style Iftar spread while enjoying stunning views of the iconic Burj Khalifa. The restaurant’s elegant and chic decor creates a perfect ambiance for an unforgettable Iftar experience.

Price: AED 245 per person

Timings: 06:00 pm – 12:00 am

Location: Address Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

Contact: +971-4-561-8888


how to celebrate ramadan

This Ramadan, try the unique Portuguese Iftar at Tasca by José Avillez with picturesque views of the Arabian Gulf and the iconic Dubai skyline. The multi-course Iftar menu includes the best Portuguese cuisine. You can count on some delicious sharing-style dishes and refreshing mocktails for Iftar at this amazing eatery. The great views and irresistible food make Tasca rank among the noteworthy restaurants with a view in Dubai.

Price: AED 265 per person including soft drinks and mocktails | AED 150 per child aged under 12 | Kids under 4 years old dine for free

Timings: Sunset until 08:00 pm

Location: Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1

Contact: +971-4-777-2233

Tips to celebrate the Holy Month

If you are in Dubai during Ramadan 2023, here are some tips on how to celebrate and enjoy an iftar buffet.

Plan ahead

If you are looking to enjoy an iftar buffet in Dubai, it is essential to plan ahead. Many restaurants and hotels offer special Ramadan deals and buffets, and these tend to fill up quickly. So, it is advisable to make your reservations well in advance.If you’re interested in celebrating Ramadan in a unique way, you may want to consider renting a yacht in Dubai. Yacht hire dubai companies in Dubai offer special Ramadan packages that include iftar meals and a serene and luxurious atmosphere to break your fast.

You can enjoy the beautiful views of the city skyline and the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf while indulging in a sumptuous meal with your loved ones. It’s a perfect way to experience the spirit of Ramadan in a serene and exclusive setting. However, it is recommended that you book your yacht in advance, as demand for these packages tends to be high during the holy month.

Dress appropriately

Dubai is a Muslim country, and it is important to respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly and avoid wearing revealing clothing.

Be on time

Iftar buffets in Dubai can get very crowded, so it is important to arrive on time. Most buffets start right after sunset, so plan to be at the restaurant or hotel at least 30 minutes before iftar.

Try traditional dishes

One of the best things about an iftar buffet in Dubai is the wide variety of traditional dishes that are available. From savoury appetizers to sweet desserts, you will find something for every taste bud. Some of the must-try dishes include lamb ouzi, shawarma, and biryani.

Hydrate yourself

As you fast throughout the day, it is important to stay hydrated. During iftar, it can be tempting to drink a lot of water at once, but it is advisable to take small sips and pace yourself. Drinking too much water too quickly can cause discomfort.

Share with others

Ramadan is a time of charity and generosity. If you are enjoying an iftar buffet with friends or family, be sure to share the food and drinks with others. Offer to pass dishes around and encourage everyone to try a little bit of everything.

End with sweets

No iftar buffet is complete without some delicious sweets. From dates to baklava, there are plenty of sweet treats to choose from. Be sure to save some room for dessert and indulge in some of the delicious sweets on offer.


If you’re planning a family gathering to celebrate Ramadan in Dubai, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind to ensure a wonderful experience. First and foremost, it’s important to plan ahead and make reservations at restaurants or hotels offering special Ramadan deals and buffets that can accommodate your group. It’s also a good idea to dress appropriately for the occasion, especially if you’re planning to visit a mosque or attend a religious event.

When it comes to the iftar buffet itself, it’s important to arrive on time to ensure that everyone has enough time to break their fast before the Maghrib prayer. It’s also a great opportunity to try traditional dishes and indulge in some of the local flavors and spices that are unique to Ramadan in Dubai.

To make the most of your family gathering, consider sharing your food with others and engaging in acts of charity and kindness during the holy month. And of course, don’t forget to end your iftar meal on a sweet note with some delicious traditional Ramadan desserts.

By following these tips, you can create a meaningful and enjoyable experience for your family while celebrating the spirit of Ramadan in Dubai.

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